About Us

Crystal Clear Clean Glass Solutions is a professional glass cleaning company which was established in the year 2017 to meet the growing demand for clean glass which is associated with the rise in glass building architecture

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Who we are

We take great pride in our BEE credentials, we are a 100% black owned company and are 100% managed by black females. We also take our green credentials very seriously which is why we do not use any chemicals and/or substances in our cleaning process unless it is absolutely necessary.

What we do

We use a water-fed pole system to clean glass. This system uses purified water which is fed into a pole and brush or other attached tool to clean windows and/or other surfaces.

Why do we use purified water?
Running water from the tap has different kinds of dissolved solids held in the water. When we purify the water, these solids are filtered out and removed. This allows the water to attract dirt like a magnet as pure water wants to return to its naturally dirty state. Once the dirt is gone, the glass remains Crystal Clear® and will dry clean and without any spots.

Our Team

Thobi Khumalo

Chief Executive Officer

Lerato Ngwenya

Chief of Operations and Social Responsibility

Thato Mphetlho

Chief of Marketing, Public Relations and Events