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Crystal Clear Clean
Glass Solutions

Crystal Clear Clean Glass Solutions specializes in professional and efficient glass cleaning solutions, such as high rise windows and solar panels



Crystal Clear Clean Glass Solutions is a professional glass cleaning company which was established in the year 2017. We specialize in commercial and domestic glass cleaning, high level window cleaning, and associated services and products.

We use the water-fed pole system with purified water for buildings up to six stories.

We take great pride in our BEE credentials, we are a 100% black owned company and are 100% managed by black females. We also take our green credentials very seriously which is why we do not use any chemicals and/or substances in our cleaning process unless it is absolutely necessary.

We operate our water-fed pole systems across Gauteng but we are willing to carry out projects in our neighbouring provinces, the granting of which is on a case by case basis. We offer total glass cleaning services which includes interior and/or exterior glass cleaning.

Our Key Clients

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Private and Public Schools

Offices and business centers



Residential Homes